August 2023

Percent Human Joins GPTZero.

Detect AI Generated Content. For students and teachers.

Rebuild the trust between educators and students by understanding the authenticity of student work.

Detect ChatGPT content on Google Docs

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Prevent Plagiarism with AI Detection

Our education tool uses advanced AI technology to detect plagiarism in student work, promoting trust between teachers and students and ensuring academic integrity.

Promote Original Thinking

Using Percent Human, schools can promote original thinking and creativity in their students by catching instances of plagiarism and encouraging them to work independently.

Detect AI Plagiarism in student work

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The dangers of AI-generated content on Google and other search engines are real. By using our tool, schools can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that their students' research papers are original and credible.

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Works with tools you already use

Our AI plagiarism detection tool scans across all websites and platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protecting academic integrity everywhere, whether it's a student's final paper or a faculty member's research.

  • Google Workspace products (Drive, Docs, Classroom)
  • LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard Learn, and Schoology
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect student data.

Quick and easy integration with yours school's education platform.

Accurate and Quick Detection

We're proud to say that our advanced AI model is fine-tuned on a large dataset of student writing. Percent Human provides schools with reliable and accurate results for plagiarism detection.

  • Advanced authenticity report and dashboard
  • AI Detection Score
  • Line-by-line analysis of student submission
  • Student to student similarity

Seamless workflow: Select text, Click extension, Get results

Detect AI Plagiarism in student work

"Without Percent Human, I could never differentiate between student work and ChatGPT in my classroom. Now I confidently can!"

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Mr. Anderson
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This is a beta version of our detection tool and may have inaccurate results.