Our Team

Luke Sanborn Portrait

Luke Sanborn

Software Engineer

Luke leads the machine learning for our AI Detection Algorithm, Chrome Extension, and Website Platform.

Matthew Sahagun Portrait

Matthew Sahagun

Business & Marketing

Matthew drives the business strategy and analytics for the Percent Human platform and brand.

How it began

Luke Sanborn developed the first version of Percent Human over his winter break. Matthew Sahagun joined next, connected by his shared vision for transparency in student work.

Percent Human was launched on January 3rd, 2023, to detect GPT- 3-generated text (months before OpenAI and Turnitin could launch a detector). Since then, the team has led professional development workshops for educators and students and has grown into an incredible group of engineers and researchers.

Additionally, Matt and Luke have worked with over five school districts and countless IT and school administrators to implement a solution in their school systems.

Luke will continue his AI detection journey as a software engineering intern at GPTZero.



Educators and students using Percent Human AI Detection.


Scans of student work for authenticity.


School districts around the world where Percent Human is the trusted AI detector.

  1. Percent Human Joins GPTZero

    Percent Human joins venture-backed GPTZero to help build the world's most powerful AI detection algorithm. Percent Human will shut down in June 2024. Our AI detection is no longer being maintained or updated.

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  2. Improvements to our AI Detection following recent ChatGPT updates

    We are continually benchmarking our AI detection algorithm against the latest GPT-3 updates and are proud to announce that we are our false positive rate has dropped below 5.0%.

  3. Percent Human Conducts Professional Development Workshops

    Throughout the month, Luke and Matt led professional development sessions at Shelton High with the English and Social Studies Department on AI, ethical practices, and promoting original work.

  4. The Business Plan Behind Percent Human wins #1 in CT, Advances to Nationals

    Matt and Luke brought Percent Human to the FBLA State Competition and won first place in the Business Plan category. They advanced to the National Competition but won't be attending.

  5. New Chrome Extension UI Released

    Check out the new UI for the Percent Human Chrome Extension. We've added a new scan interface and improved the overall user experience.

  6. The Percent Human Chrome Extension is First Live

    The Percent Human Chrome Extension is now live on the Chrome Web Store. Check it out and let us know what you think!